MITOS Travel & City Guide Platform


  MITOS Travel & City Guide Platform is ideal for 
Local Goverment, Chambers, Tourism Boards & DMO, Cruise Ports, Travel Publishers, 
Tour Operators & Travel Agencies, Telecom Operators, Airlines, Ferries, Hotel & Resorts, 
and any other kind of Public Administration or Private organizations in charge of tourism and commerce
which wants to deliver to visitors a unique experience using web and mobile apps 

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Cloud Based             Multiplatform             CMS
It's all in the cloud!
Your data, your applications backed by the scalability and flexibility of a true cloud platform. Everything is in the cloud and everything syncs with the cloud!
            True multi platform, with native support for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile devices. Desktop access is provided through the web portal of the Mitos Travel and City Guide platform, while there is also a special version of the web portal for info kiosks             A full fledged Content Management System (CMS) provides all the tools to import and administer content to the platform. It's advanced design allows you to fine tune every possible aspect of the platform and the display of the content.


Some of its Features are:




Trip Planner
Organize every day of your trip exactly the way you want it, using the integrated trip planner.

Suggested Routes
Get ideas for interesting routes and offline directions. Let our City Guide apps take your sightseeing to another level.

Learn all you need about the local points of interest (pois). Get directions, photos, multimedia and other information which unwrap the history behind of each poi.

Keep your traveller notes directly to our apps.

100% Offline Maps
No connection? No worries! Our City Guide apps have offline maps, in order to be available at all times, with no extra cost (NO roaming data charges).

  • Multilingual
  • Native apps
  • Augmented Reality
  • Local Offers, Coupons, Events
  • Maps & Navigation
  • “My Places”
  • Push notifications
  • Multichannel (Web, Mobile App, Infokiosks, SMS, Email)
  • Social Media integration
  • Multimedia Content (360° photos & video, sound, documents and more)
  • Photo Gallery
  • Travelers reviews & ratings
  • User Profiles & Personalized information
  • Custom modules 
  • Beacons
  • QR